Architectural Stoneware Ceramics by Saila Milja-Smyly, Ceramic Artist

≈ Design Form and Function  

Professionally prepared stoneware clays, stains, and glazes step in to fulfill the design vision.  Fired in the kiln at above 2200°F, the beauty and the depth of glazed stoneware always amazes.  In addition to the brushing effects, stoneware glazes react to kiln temperatures and create varied and tactile surface patterns. 

The characteristics that differentiate stoneware clays from low-fired products cause the powdery clay brushed onto the stoneware surface to fuse with the vitrifying clay during the glaze firing, making the product impervious to water. 

Abstracts. Let your gaze wander and see what you will see.

Effortless appearances disguise the carefully coordinated interplay of shape, design, and technique.  Brushwork marries glazes into seamless unions, and careful glaze applications reveal intricate surface variations.

Design inspiration flows from the interplay of Nordic visual traditions and the contrasting elements of South Carolina Lowcountry's rich natural expression. The presence of those
contrasting elements in the completed piece results in design form that defers to the source materials while transcending time and place.

The design process often begins out of doors with a camera and a sketch pad, and inspiration is rarely difficult to come by.  It is easy to lose track of time in a library of reference materials ranging from images of ceramics from ancient traditions to depictions of fantasy creatures invented in this modern digital age. 


Botanicals. Timeless inspiration. Breath of fresh air.

Whether you are looking to bring the outdoors in, or to complement the natural wonders of your garden, the flora of these ceramic wares have endured the harshest of the climates and will not wilt.

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